Be ready!
Packing may take longer than you think. Start early so the packing will be finished when Ashburton Furniture Movers arrive. Everything should be ready for the AF Movers team to pick up on the day of uplift. 2
Tie up all cords of your electrical appliances. 3We recommend that you only use removalist cartons because the cardboard is extra thick and strong. Supermarket boxes will be too thin to protect the contents from damage caused by crushing. Stripey bags and suitcases are okay for soft items like linen or clothing. If you use rubbish bags put one inside the other for added strength. 4Pack everything that can be boxed into a carton. Loose items are more exposed to loss or damage. Use cartons for lamp shades, small plants, trampoline mats and gym weights. 5 Desks and cabinets should be emptied and their contents packed into cartons. Lock or tape door and drawers closed. 6 When packing crockery and glassware, use scrunched newspaper to line the bottom and sides of cartons. 7 For plates, pack into bundles of 5 with each plate being separated by a sheet of paper, wrap the overhanging paper around the plates and place each bundle on it sides in the carton. 8 For glasses, wrap each piece individually and place upside down in carton. Bubble wrap is recommended for packing glassware along with scrunched newspaper. 9

Dismantle swings, trampolines, garden sheds, bed heads, bed ends and other items that can be broken down to fit through doorways. All furniture should be dismantled ready for our removalists unless a dismantling fee has been paid. 10 We offer a full packing service and can do all your packing at very reasonable prices. 11Refrigerators must be emptied, defrosted and drip trays emptied the day before your relocation. 12 Empty fuel from mowers, whipper snipper, and other motorised machinery. We do not transport gas bottles under any circumstances; it’s far too hazardous to our staff, equipment and our customer’s goods. 13 Clean BBQ surfaces of grease and clean lawn mowers of oil and clippings. 14 Artwork, mirrors and pictures should be packed in a picture carton using plenty of cushioning material or bubble wrap. We recommend that these items should be packed with special packing materials like – bubble wrap, etc. Slip pictures and prints into envelope formed by flattened cartons. The most breakable item in a removal is glass. 15 Take the knobs off cupboards and chest of drawers screw them back on, on the inside. 16 Tape garden tools, brooms and other loose items into bundles with packing tape. 17 Disconnect washing machines from the taps and follow manufacturers shipping instructions to prevent the bowl from moving whilst in transit. It is not the removalists’ responsibility for preparing them. 18 When you dismantle beds and tables, collect all the screws and nuts, put them in a plastic bag and tape them to the package. Make sure they are secure and packed somewhere you will find after your delivery. 19When packing microwaves, make sure to pack the plate with bubble wrap or plenty of crushed paper. 20Avoid having any loose items; put all of your items into a carton. 21 All electronics should be packed into a carton and protected with crushed paper. It’s best if they are packed in their original packaging.

Handy Hints 
Start in one room and finish it completely.
Remember to take a reading of your electricity meter, just for your records. 
If you are a tenant, you then have proof of what your usage was.
Seal and label with flat box tops for easy stacking.
Use linen as packing and padding.

For consumer information, here is 
The Carriage of Goods Act 1979